Friday, October 18, 2013

I have very nearly conquered my study! I can see the floor and the desk is very nearly clear, most things are bundled neatly with other things of their kind -  it is very nearly a functional environment for future projects AND my new sewing machine (thanks mum, thanks sister!).

Until then, here are a few more unearthed treasures. These were my mother's school books when they moved to Israel and I think are some of only a few surviving objects from that time in her life. . . when did I first discover these? I rediscovered them during my inventory/culling of possessions,  squirrelled away in a chest of books which was itself buried under a suitcase and more boxes brimming other with cached items. Unfortunately I don't speak or read Hebrew, so I will consult with mum and get back to you with captions . . . the first few are self explanatory anyways but I am really intrigued by the last scan and it's translation.

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